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ESD Bags
Our offered Electro Static Bags provide abrasion level and excellent resistivity against puncture which was not possible before within a shielding bag with high transparency. These bags help in rendering an environment which is static safe for several sensitive electrical and electronic gadgets.  The mentioned bags find application to store parts that may damage due to electrostatic discharge.
Aluminum Foil Film
The mentioned Aluminum Foil Film find application for making Electrostatic Discharge barrier by packing sensitive components like CHIPS, PCB, etc. Some of the application areas in which our offered foil film is used are Packaging, Insulation, Cooking, Geochemical sampling, Electromagnetic shielding, Art and decoration and Ribbon microphones. This film of foil has two side, one appears shiny and the other one with matte finish.
Static Shielding Film
Static Shielding Film helps in protecting sensitive electrical products such as circuit boards and other allied accessories and components. The mentioned film appears to be translucent in nature, thus it is perfect option to be used as a packaging material for the products that have a bar code reading.
Industrial Cotton Buds
Depending upon the type of application, we serve our esteemed clients with Industrial Cotton Buds in which both the ends of spindles are coated with an absorbing cotton which do not swell while working with liquid or fluids. Therefore, making these buds perfect for various industrial applications. The spindles can either be made of extruded plastic, wood or rolled paper.
Humidity Indicator Cards
With increase or decrease in the level of humidity, our offered Humidity Indicator Cards appear blue to pink and pink to blue, respectively. In order to determine whether the produced products have been exposed to humidity level during their transportation, these are used in a number of cargo applications. These cards are very well suited to quantify relative humidity within the sealed packaging.
Bag Sealing Machine
Bag Sealing Machines are highly demanded in the packaging industry to seal the produced products so that they don't get damaged while transporting or trading them from one place to the other. Apart from preventing damage, there are a lot of benefits because of which these are appreciated such as minimizing the cost of labor, saving time which would otherwise be used for packaging products.
ESD Products
Our offered Electrostatic Discharge Products are capable of reliable shielding against the static electricity by minimizing the effect of shock and saving lives. For different applications, different kinds of products can be availed from us. Thus, these find usage in number of industrial sectors such as plumbing, electrical and electronics, chemical, automobile and many more.
Clean Room Products
Our offered Clean Room Products are highly demanded in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, medical institutes, aerospace application, biotechnology laboratories, research and development centers, automotive plants and many more to prevent building up of static charge and keep the particles away. These products are produced for rendering clean environment by eliminating the contaminations.

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